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The Flourish Center is conveniently located at 30 Northwoods Blvd.  Columbus, Ohio 43235.  Our Center allows us to better treat our patients and offer a great movement and gym space, bright treatment and group rooms, and new programming.   At The Flourish Center, you will also have access to related professionals we have integrated with: HealthSmart! Consulting (Behavioral Eating Consultant), New Spring Special Education Services (Intervention Services), Alison Roark Counseling Services (Family and Child Counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Trisha’s Art Studio (Art Therapy).



Our Covid-19 Precautions

We are having our soft re-opening on June 1, 2020.  Please click HERE for a list of our precautions and when to not bring your child to our office.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation with us!


Various Group Programs

WINTER 2021 Groups- ANNOUNCED!  

WINTER 2021 GROUPS are now here.   Want to be among the first to learn about the details and availability? … For updates in programming information, along with all of the rest of our worthwhile news, check out our Facebook Page and LIKE US to get the news right to your feed in real time.  



Donate to The Flourish FUNd

Donate to various non-profit projects sponsored by The Flourish Center, including Flourish Scholarships for free therapy/services/support for families and children in need, and funding for programming and community events benefiting children of all abilities, etc.. 100% of profits will be used for client and program benefit.



Who is Flourish

Flourish Integrated Therapy, LLC was founded by Kimberly R. Martin, M.A., CCC/SLP. Throughout her 13 years in private practice work as a Speech and Language Pathologist, she realized that interventions work best when applied to the entire individual as a whole, not just by addressing one discipline or technique or focusing on one area. At Flourish Integrated Therapy, LLC, your ability to make desired improvements to your quality of life will be enhanced by this system technique and a true team of integrated professionals working together towards one common purpose… to empower you to achieve and flourish.

Our goal is to functionally serve and meet the needs of children of all abilities.


What We Offer to Columbus

Flourish Integrated Therapy, LLC currently offers Speech-Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy services as well as Social Language Groups, Feeding Interventions and Literacy Support.

Flourish Integrated Therapy, LLC also offers our unparalleled services to outside contracts within Central Ohio. Outside contracts include, but are not limited to, public schools districts, private schools, charter schools, and extended care facilities. If you, your school, extended care facility or an agency you work with is currently in need of Speech Language Pathology (Speech Therapy) Services or Occupational Therapy Services, please let us know how we can assist you. We are available for both long term and short term assignments.


Occupational and Speech Therapy

– Columbus, Ohio

At Flourish Integrated Therapy, LLC you will work with your therapist to understand your or your child’s functional needs and how they apply to your life.  Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy services will be individualized based on diagnosis, functional application, and need for intensive, clinic-based or  home-program based therapy techniques.

What is Speech Therapy

Speech-Language Pathology, also known simply as “Speech Therapy,” is carried out by Speech Language Pathologists that are trained in the techniques, strategies, and interventions designed to improve or correct communication disorders. Communication disorders include disorders of speech (how we talk), language (how we use and understand language), and swallowing.

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Why Flourish

The name 'Flourish' was chosen to represent our goal for therapy. Flourish implies empowerment, and the ability to thrive and grow. It is our expectation and hope of what our clients will achieve throughout their time spent with us and hopefully the rest of their lives.

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